Sunday, December 9, 2012

Getting into the Spirit

Preparations for Christmas 2012 have finally begun. We picked up our two live trees on Wednesday. One has been planted in the front yard and is waiting for the rain to end so we can decorate it. The second is potted and sitting in the living room. We'll be starting on that as soon as I finish this post.
Two Blue Spruce - We feel blessed. We found a tree farmer who will sell us a live tree for the same amount as a cut tree, and he helps dig it up. We've gotten our trees from him for the past two years and have had wonderful luck transplanting them. We'll be going back next year.

Tree number 1 is waiting to be decorated. We've had chilling rains ever since we planted it. Hopefully the sun will come out soon so we can decorate in a little bit of comfort. Temps have been 40F here during the day.
Hubby put this display together. Some of our new GW finds are here along with some old and treasured pieces. I love how he places the little trees. He's got so much patience and an artistic eye for detail.