Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Goodwill Christmas Shopping Spree

Marty's (A Stroll Thru Life) post last week reminded me of the wonderful shopping nights at Goodwill a friend and I used to have when I lived in Massachusetts. Back then I lived in a 3 level house with 13 living areas that I could and did decorate to the hilt. Now I live in a cozy cottage for 2 and for every new item I put out, I have to put 2 into storage. Needless to say I haven't spent much time at the Goodwill of late.

Today I had one of those once a year appointments that we gals so much enjoy. Hubby and I usually make appointment trips together. At this age you never know what shocking news a doc might have in store for you. My appointment ran 45 minutes late and by the time we got out he was famished. (He missed lunch trying to complete chores before we left.) We stopped for an early dinner at our favorite Chinese restaurant. As we headed down the street to our next destination which should have been Lowes, he asked; "Where to now Dear?" as we approached the local Goodwill. Quickly I said, "Turn Here!!!".  Him:  "Goodwill???"  Me: "Yes Dear." As directed, we were careful to watch out for wandering reindeer as we entered the store. My.. "Let's just take a quick peek.", turned into a 2 hour shopping spree. Even he got into the spirit of looking for things to put together for Marty's "Tabletop Tuesday".

Here's a picture of our wonderful finds, with the exception of the painting.

We purchased 25 items for the grand total of........................................................ $48.64!
Now to start decorating!!! :)

Huggs and happy bargain hunting!

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