Monday, December 3, 2012

Running a little behind...

Hi there!
You probably thought I forgot all about you. Not a chance! I've been trying to find the perfect server to link the blog to, because I am fearful that I'll run out of room. I created a couple of new domains, and several sub-domains and settled on Yahoo and Bear-Necessities because we seem to be dealing with a lot of bear and other critters lately, and  our home improvements are putting us back to bare necessities in a couple of other areas. 

Our outside cameras caught this critter running through our property at 4 PM the other afternoon. He's a brazen little fellow. A second camera found him by our front door just minutes before we let our pack of 4 legged critters out for their afternoon run. 

The weather has been above freezing the last couple of days here in the northwest corner of Connecticut, so we've been getting some extra outside work done on the property. Hubby finished the siding on the front of the garage and installed two decorative lights. I'll take pictures tomorrow. We're also hoping to remove an ugly blue spruce and replace it with a new tree on Monday. Tuesday will be a day on the road for us. We probably won't get to decorating until Thursday, as it will take all day Wednesday for us to gather up our holiday decorations.

We are still trying to finish up the inside of the house. Just a few pieces of trim are needed. I did manage to get 2 sets of Christmas dishes out of storage and got hubby's Budweiser Stein and Texaco vehicle collections packed up until we are done with our kitchen expansion project. He's toying with the idea of selling them. I don't think today's economy is going to do him any favors. I vote for making a nice enclosed, just-below-the- ceiling shelf to display them on in our new dining room. 

Well, it's witching hour here. Time for me to get some beauty rest. Hope you enjoyed the video. Stay safe!

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