Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Valentines at Country Roads

On February 14, 1981 I ceased celebrating Valentine's Day and began celebrating the birth of my second daughter Michelle. Last week I sent her a link to Madame Alexander's new Valentine's Doll saying the doll reminded me of her. She wrote back and said "I don't celebrate Valentine's. Haven't in years. It's the worst holiday ever and completely ruins my birthday... and well Feb 14th should be ALLLLLL about me as we all know.... LOL"   She's right! She's always been my Special Valentine and as a family we always celebrated Valentine's Day before her birthday so that all the attention of the day was directed to her.

Now remarried, my husband and I are like two little kids when it comes to holidays. We always celebrate them early. Christmas Day he said... "It would be nice to see some real presents under the tree instead of empty decorated boxes." I commented that we have to stop giving our gifts to each other before the holiday. That didn't go over very well. LOL 

Yesterday he surprised me with a red globe lamp that caught my eye during our last visit to the antique store. He ran errands early in the morning and when he got home I was in the middle of a project so I didn't pay much attention to what was going on. Around 4PM I walked into the dining room to prepare for dinner and spotted the lamp on the dining room table. It's sitting there for the moment as a decoration, but it's going to have to move because it is electric. He said there was a beautiful oil lamp sitting right next to it that he contemplated buying but chose the red because it had caught my eye. (Anything red catches my eye, as I LOVE RED!) Being the accommodating wife that I am, I told him the next time he feels like stopping at the store he can buy the oil lamp and tell the proprietor to keep an eye out for a buffet to put the red lamp on. :) 

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  1. The red lamp is beautiful and very appropriate for Valentines Day!