Tuesday, March 12, 2013

MARCH ~ In like a lion, out like a lamb

    Marching into Spring! 

    Waiting for the temperature to warm and for the first crocus to pop its head above the snow as an indication that Spring has arrived. Daytime temperatures are running between 47°F – 58°F. We’re experiencing some rainy/snowy days with a few days of sunshine in between. We’ve still about a foot of snow on the ground and cleared paths are now becoming muddy with the thaw. Not a pretty picture yet, but we have hope!

    The first day of Spring brings with it the celebration of the birth of my son John-Paul. I’ve special memories of the births of all of my children but the memory of John’birth always gives me a chuckle. His Dad left me at the hospital to tend to delivery matters while he tended to getting my two daughters settled in with their Grandmother. When I called home to announce the birth of a son, he asked. “What did you name her?” I said John-Paul. He responded, “Really, what did you name her?  said, “Really, we have a son and I named him John-Paul after his Grandfathers.” After having two girls it was hard for him to believe that he had a son.

    Happy Birthday John! May we celebrate many more Springs together!

John-Paul and son Mikey

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