Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Mother's Day 2013 Shopping Spree

It was a beautiful day here in Colebrook yesterday. Hubby and I decided to go to lunch and do a bit of grocery shopping along with stops at the local hardware and auto supply stores for items we needed. 

Over the weekend I uncovered a long forgotten crystal pedestal cake plate which I decided needed a glass dome. I've gotten back into my pastry baking mode and had this urgent need for a covered container to store my pastries in. While hubby was in the auto supply store I decided to visit the thrift shop next door to see if they had anything that would fill the bill. Not exactly what I was looking for, but the glass and aluminum cake holder caught my eye and it's $3 price tag was something I just couldn't pass up. The $1 etched server next to it was also an immediate "got to have". I walked out of the store thrilled with my purchases. :) Hubby wasn't all that thrilled with the cake holder and suggested we check out the Goodwill in Torrington.

$4 purchase at the Winsted Thrift Shop
After a quick stop at the hardware store for bolts and nuts, we headed to Price Rite to pick up fresh fruit and vegetables. They have the best fruit for the lowest price in the area. A large tag sale by the side of the road caught our eye as we passed by, so we quickly decided to stop. I'd just given hubby the last of my cash for his purchase at the hardware store, so all we had on hand was about $4 in quarters in the console that we keep handy for the city parking meters. Our walk around the tables and furniture was uneventful, but hubby noticed someone taking items out of a storage building on the lot so we ventured in.
This bisquit jar caught my eye. It had a $5 sticker on it.  It's in perfect condition and  hubby loved  it too. So off  he went to find an ATM. I stayed behind holding onto the jar and "window shopping". The seller asked me if I wanted to buy the piece and I told him I did but that hubby went to find an ATM as we didn't have enough cash on hand for it. He replied that I could have it for $3. I chuckled and thanked him, adding that hubby had gone to the ATM to take out $100. His reply... "OK, $100 it is then!". LOL
By the time hubby got back I found this lazy susan for $5. He is always looking for revolving things, and the bearing mechanism on this item is worth more than $5 so I thought it a good deal. Hubby agreed and now I have a very sturdy lazy susan for our dining room table.

Isn't it beautiful!
Now with more funds available we decided to  look  around the building  a bit more thoroughly.  Hubby spotted this brass lamp base sitting on top of this cabinet that we eventually did purchase. He inquired as to the price of the lamp base and was told it was $5. We decided it was worth it just for parts without the globe so said we'd take it, to find out that they did in deed have the globe in a "safe" area. What a deal!
The lamp was on top of this cabinet. There is a little blue sticker in the upper left hand corner of the right door. It says $35. I figured someone stuck it there by accident. A helper came into the building so I inquired about the price. He shook his head and said he'd ask the owner. In retrospect, I think he thought I wanted it for less, as he came back and said I could have it for $30. SOLD!!!

This little pitcher with silver cover was one of several items in the cabinet that  had to be removed so we could take it.  It had a $10 price tag on it... I just had to have it because the pour spout is a lion's head and I'm a Leo, and grapes decorate the sides. My kitchen theme during summer and off seasons is grapes. When we went to settle up I was told I could have it for $5. DOUBLE SOLD!  5/27/13 UPDATE:  Today I found this same pitcher for sale on e-bay for $135. I'd say I got a super deal!
This 6" dome has a small chip on the knob and no matching plate, so this was thrown in for free also with the cabinet.
So far we've spent $4 at the thrift shop and $43 at the tag sale. I'm in 7th heaven! I'm still pinching myself about picking up the cabinet for $30. I know the guy I usually buy my antiques from would have charged me at least $200 for it.

We walked into Price Rite with bargains on our minds. Odd that we can buy a beautiful cabinet for $30   yet 6 boneless chicken breasts cost us $12. ???? where's the sense... or cents??? Wait til you see the fruit basket/orange ratio! Our carriage of groceries at Price Rite rang up to $98. They would have cost us around $200 at Stop & Shop, so we had savings there also.

Hubby still wanted to check out the Goodwill for the cake dish that he "Knew" they had! So we headed to the other end of Torrington.

Here are items that we picked up at the Goodwill...
6  GlassCorn on the cob dishes - $6
6" Cloche with plate - $2
8" Hand Painted Grape Vine Cloche $8.00
Another "got to have" kitchen theme item! I love it!

12" Cloche $6,
14" serving plate $3
SEE!!! Hubby just KNEW they had it! and I'm not going to be allowed to FORGET it. hehehe

Iron fruit basket - $2 at Goodwill
18 Navel Oranges - $9 at Price Rite

Reed Diffuser - $3
My daughter got me hooked on these and I couldn't pass this one  up.

Santa Snow Globe - $3
I spotted this and knew hubby would want it, but left it for him to discover.  He did  and no... we couldn't pass  Santa up.
Goodwill total..................................$35.00 plus tax   $37.21

Grand total for "just got to have" items..... $84.21.

When we ended the day hubby said he's not going to take me "window shopping" ever again! Wanna bet???

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  1. I find that a fun day of shopping can chase away almost anything that ails me. Also seems your hubby is a good shopping companion...another good find! Blessings to you both!