Friday, August 16, 2013

65 Years Young

On August 3rd I celebrated by 65th birthday by playing with my favorite doll. I believe my parents gave her to me as a Christmas present in 1958. I know she was a Christmas present, just not 100% sure of the year. She's a Madame Alexander Cissy 21" bent knee doll and she was the envy of every little girl in the neighborhood. I tell no tales. She was actually doll napped and my parents had to get involved with her return. It was a very traumatic time for me, as we were not a wealthy family and my mom did a lot of scrimping and saving so that I could have her. She also made her a wonderful wardrobe that was also taken. We got Cissy back 2 weeks after she went missing. It was quite the fluke that I found her. I was visiting my neighbor friend's home when her mother asked me to go to the basement and bring up a basket of clothes. There were 2 baskets of clothes in the basement. While I was looking through the first one for the item that the mother wanted, I found the clothes for my doll, but no doll. Like any 10 year old who found a missing toy in someone else's house, I told the mother what I found when I went upstairs and SHE lied and said they were her daughters that a friend had given her. That's when Mom and Dad got involved and confronted the neighbor. Cissy wasn't damaged thankfully, although the other little girl decided to comb her hair out. Mom spent many hours putting her little curls back in place. Unfortunately her beautiful wardrobe and original outfit did not fair as well. The neighbor child cut them to shreds. The dress she is currently wearing is one that my mother made for another doll of mine. Cissy has always been under my watchful eye since her return. I haven't done much else than protect her. Leaving her as she was after Mom "made her better".

Two summers ago... for my 63rd birthday... my oldest daughter and I took the bus into New York City and visited the Madame Alexander Doll Factory and Museum. It's something I've always wanted to do. Seeing all of the dolls that I have drooled over for a lifetime got me interested in trying to find out more about my doll, and searching for duplicates of her original clothes. I was disappointed that the museum had only 1 pair of the original shoes left which I quickly scoffed up. They told me the only place to find items now is from collectors or on E-bay. I did make her a pretty straw hat while I was there though and have been looking for the right red fabric to make her a new dress. I have a picture in my head, but I can't find the fabric that is going to make the perfect dress. I'm not giving up though.

The internet is a wonderful resource. I've lost track of the hours I've spent looking at vintage dolls, doll clothing, accessories and patterns. Over the past few weeks I've tagged at least 50 dolls that have been in the E-bay auctions.  I've been lucky enough to win a couple of the auctions without having to give up my first born. My grandsons would be very upset if I did that.

Now I consider myself a Madam Alexander Collector, and have several "nude" dolls to dress and a couple to find shoes and socks for. Every day or two for the past 2 weeks a small or sometimes large package arrived at the house. My dear hubby watched as I opened yet another Madam Alexander doll or a package of goodies to "make a doll better". This has actually been the best birthday ever because I've gotten every doll I ever dreamed of owning. Well... almost every doll. I'm still waiting on the delivery of a nude male doll. He's a Madame Alexander doll, but uncertain as to which doll he is. I'll have some fun trying to figure that one out.

Thanks for stopping in. I'll have another post soon about one of my dolls. I'm still waiting for zippers to finish Sam's jacket. I did get him a pair of dark glasses though. He looks so cool now with his biker shades.

Stay safe!

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