Monday, August 26, 2013

Effanbee Patsy Joan Jumping Rope

Realizing that my budget would not allow me to adopt any of the 1955 Madame Alexander Joanie dolls listed on E-bay at $200 and up, I decided to search for another Joanie doll. Hoping I'd find one within my budget. I spotted this 16" doll on E-bay. She was one of 3 up for auction or "buy now". Fortunately for me, no one wanted this little girl. I placed my bid during the last half hour of the auction and held my breath. I topped my bid at $30 just in case someone bid against me. I won her with my original bid of $19.99. That was 3 days ago. She arrived in the mail today. She was in her original box.


This little girl is a 16" vinyl doll, with jointed head, arms and legs, and painted hair. She is stamped "Effanbee 1994". She is in excellent condition.  The Dawn Herlocher "200 Years of Dolls 3rd Edition", which I purchased from the Goodwill of Northern New England, Gorham, ME E-bay site for $3.99 states that the value of this doll in this condition is $750.  Needless to say, she's back in her box where she can stay safe. I can't believe I've made such an incredible find.

She caught my eye because she is wearing my favorite color. Mom always dressed me in red. She's also special because she's holding her favorite jump rope. I can remember many, many sunny days playing jump rope with my mom and sisters. What fun we had. My brother also joined in sometimes. He preferred being designated rope turner.
So many wonderful memories wrapped up in one little doll! She's a keeper for sure!
 Doesn't she have the most precious face.

That's all for today. I have one more doll on her way. I'm in the process of designing outfits for everyone and accumulating fabric and trims. I believe that's going to be more time consuming than actually making the outfits. One can hope any way!
Thanks again for stopping by. Stay well and God Bless!

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