Saturday, August 31, 2013

Marme, Linda and Patsy

Hubby asked me today how many more of these I'm expecting to come in. I very quietly told him that I ordered another today. What can I say??? I started the Little Women collection with the purchase of an unknown male doll which I have since determined by the set of his hair and his face that he is Laurie. This appears to be an 11" Lissy faced Madame Alexander Little Women Jo doll. She was auctioned on E-bay and her final cost was $13.49.
    Correction... since posting I have discovered that this is "Marme" from the Little Women collection. She requires a dust cap.

Jo arrived tied together with string. Other than that she is in perfect condition. Her hair net is still in tact. I'm thrilled with her. She arrived yesterday from an e-bay seller in a box wrapped in white paper with pink hearts pasted all over it. My husband commented that my boyfriend sent me a present, because he surely could not wrap that nicely. Beneath those wrappings she was wrapped in white tissue paper tied with a beautiful white ribbon and bow. Her clothes were packed in a baggie also wrapped in tissue and tied with a white ribbon. I am very impressed with this seller.

Here she is after I restrung her. She looks perfect and it only took a few minutes.

This is the outfit that she came with. The petticoat needs a new waistband. Other than that the clothes are in perfect condition. She needs shoes and a hat or dust cap. Not sure which I'm going to make for her. Time will tell. The fun thing about dolls, like sisters and best friends, if the size is right, they can share!
To finish my Little Women Story, I won the auction for an 11" Little Women "Meg" doll. She cost me a whole $15.96 which also includes shipping.

 Linda arrived today. Chelle looks a bit forlorn. I'm thinking she needs a frilly dress too. Christmas is just around the corner. Linda is everything I expected her to be and more. She's a beautiful doll in excellent condition. She is a 1994 19 inch vinyl  drink and wet baby doll by Cititoy. I was told that her drink and wet still work, but I won't be testing that out any too soon. Her final auction cost was $22.50 with shipping.

 Little girls need toys to play with. Next trip to the store will provide a bouncy ball. In the meantime I gave them a couple of my teddy bears to play with. Stars was born on July 4, 2002. I adopted him when my son was shipped to Iraq. My son sent me Hero while he was in Iraq. Hero was born on March 12, 2003. My son's birthday is March 21, 1982. Coincidence??

Isn't he the cutest little guy! 
This is a 13" Effanbee Patsy African American Boy Doll 1986. He has the same face as the Joan Jumping Rope doll that I posted earlier. His total cost was $23.74. My sources tell me that in his condition he is worth between $700 and $1250. He has a sister that I am now looking for. I do everything in pairs here, if you haven't noticed. Hubby is already aware that I'm looking for the sister. It was his idea that I get the pair of them. Isn't he sweet!
Thank you once again for stopping in. Time to stop playing here and get down to the important things in life... making dinner for hubby so I can continue to buy these little treasures for myself.
Take care and stay safe!  God Bless

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