Saturday, August 17, 2013

Madame Alexander Little Men Laurie circa 1970 ???

My latest doll arrived with no information other than the Alexander® stamp on his back.
He is 7-3/8 inches tall and straight legged. He's got a glued wig, sideburns and full bangs that are slightly curled upward.

Here's a picture of my guy standing next to the doll that I have named Midge. Don't they look cute together! Can't wait to get their outfits designed and made!

Here's the 1970's Madame Alexander Little Men Laurie doll that I found on E-bay. He's advertised in several ads as being "about 8" tall".

I'm a bit disappointed that all of Madame Alexander's male dolls appear to be a tad shorter than the girls. I have a feeling that she did this purposely. She was a strong woman, and I get the impression that she wanted her girls to stand out. Just my opinion of course.

That's all the news for now. Time to get back to my design board. Have a wonderful day and come back soon!


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