Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Christopher Robin N Friends

Another can't live without!

When I first saw Christopher Robin at the Madame Alexander Museum during my visit, I fell in love with him. He looks just like my oldest grandson Gabe. My budget wouldn't handle him that day as I was buying other dolls as gifts. I was telling a friend about him today and decided to do a search on e-bay. What a find!  I couldn't pass it up. He is currently selling at the Madame Alexander Museum store for $139.99. I got this little one for $39.99 plus shipping.

Aren't they beautiful!  Gabe - Christopher Robin, just in case you couldn't tell.

I can't wait for the dolls to arrive! Hubby is going to have to get my display case out of storage, or I'm going to be forced to pack up my holiday dishes and put my dolls on display there. Decisions, decisions.

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