Friday, September 27, 2013

Madame Alexander McDonald's Collection

It took a bit of web surfing and shopping before I was able to complete this set. Unfortunately I'm missing Toto and Oz. I have a feeling that unless I find them at a tag sale, I'm going to be paying dearly to complete this collection. I started the collection with the Guard and Cowardly Lion that I got with Happy Meals. The rest I bought off of E-bay and Amazon. It actually turned out cheaper than making the 12 mile trip to our closest McDonalds and buying the meals.

I should stick to doing just one thing at a time. Writing about the collection brought me back to E-bay. I just purchased Toto, The Winged Monkey, and Kitty Doll to add to the collection. It looks like I'm going to be ordering more stands.

Here's the collection as it stands now(no pun intended) in their 5-1/2" glory! I was thrilled to find doll stands to fit them.

Thank you for stopping by. I've collected a couple of Liv dolls and accessories that I'll post in the next few days. Wait til you see what fun I've been having!
Enjoy and have a blessed day!


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