Wednesday, October 30, 2013

1983 Madame Alexander France 517

My newest addition arrived today. I think she's adorable and she fits right in with my French theme. I've named her Joannie. That's how my mom always wrote my name. I dropped the 2nd "n" because everyone always pronounced it "Jo-Ann-ee" and I'm not a Joanne. LOL  Actually now at the age of 65, having figured out who I really am, I'm tempted to legally change my name to Naojie, because I am the total opposite of the person I thought I was 40 years ago. I call Naojie my twisted sister name. With all of that said, please meet Joannie (pronounced Joan-ee), the new Queen of the Hurst Family of Dolls.

She's 8 inches of sweetness and dressed in my mom's 2nd favorite color for me. Red was always her first. Oh we are going to have so much fun playing hide-n-seek in Grandpa's vineyard!

Thanks so much for stopping by. 
Have a safe and fun filled Halloween!