Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Hard Boiled vs. Raw

Hubby could have had a real mess on his hands this morning. Thank goodness he asked before he cracked! I'm back into my daily baking routine and it's more convenient for me to store the eggs I am using in an open container rather than an egg carton. They are much easier to grab now that carpal tunnel has affected my pinching technique.

He loves hard boiled eggs and I try to keep some on hand for quick snacks. Today I decided to make up the batch with a twist. I added vinegar and food coloring to the cooking water as an experiment. Sure enough, the eggs colored while cooking. Now all I have to do is train hubby to look for colored eggs if he wants hard boiled.

Patting self on back here.  :)

I had this cute little egg crate sitting on a shelf. I put a handful of  natural Easter straw in the bottom of the basket as a cushion before placing the hard boiled eggs. There shouldn't be any question now which eggs are hard boiled, and the egg crate adds a welcoming smile to the shelves.

I also saved the colored water for my next batch.

Thanks so much for stopping by. This was a fun solution to share.
Enjoy the day!


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