Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Pfaltzgraff is #1 in my book!

My order arrived last week minus the 4 platters and 1 salad dish. I advised Pfaltzgraff of the missing salad dish and they said to wait until the 2nd shipment came in. The missing dish might be in that. The 2nd shipment arrived today and no salad dish. During the course of the week, I noticed that the 4 dinner plates were smudged in areas and had glazing bubbles. I figured they were 2nds. Although I was disappointed, I took into consideration that I only paid 1/2 price for them with my additional 20% discount added to the original discontinued price. When I talked to Pfaltzgraff today I asked the representative if they sell seconds. Her response was "No Way. The pattern you bought is discontinued. We do not sell 2nds." She asked if there was a problem. I told her that all 4 of the dinner dishes I received had smudged paint and/or glazing blemishes. She is replacing all 4 dishes and also a mug that arrived damaged. I found another salad dish Napoli Rooster that compliments my set. They are sending me 1 free and I purchased the other 3. 

They also have a Napoli Rooster Pitcher that I have put on my wish list. It is 
1-1/4 qt capacity. I can't say I'll be all roostered out... but it will be close. LOL

I guess that's all for today. Are you a collector of "stuff"? I'd love to hear about your collection.


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