Monday, December 15, 2014

A House Guest

The latest news from Sure Would Run!

Little John and Robin Hood had quite the battle this afternoon. Unfortunately we weren't there to see it. It must have happened just before I went to close them in for the night. Little John's head was covered with blood, so we brought him into the house and cleaned his wounds and his feathers. Not knowing what else to do with him, he's spending the night with me in the sewing room. He's settled down and is watching TV. Robin Hood, on the other hand is going to find himself outside the coop free range, if he keeps this up. He's been very aggressive the past week and has been attacking both me and hubby, not just Little John and the hens. 

I'm happy to report that Little John and the 6 dogs and 2 cats got along quite well this evening. The cats were funny. They haven't seen the chickens since they were chicks, so they were curious and intimidated by the HUGE bird in the kitchen. It didn't take Little John very long to adjust to his surroundings. Before we knew it, he was walking around the house. We now have a House Alpha Rooster!
Little Bear, Little John and Lily

Little John

Little John and Scamp

Yummy! Dog Food!!
Little John received preferential treatment. Not everyone is allowed in Mom's sewing room. Especially over night. Little John found the perfect perch with all of the advantages. Computer access, front row TV and a cushy nest. I'm sure he thought he died and went to heaven.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

He was quite mesmerized by the computer. In this picture he is watching my every move. He finally did settle down, but I had to turn off the TV because that was keeping him awake. He was the perfect gentleman throughout the night. Didn't snore. Stayed in his comfy nest, and woke me this morning with a hearty ER ER ERRRRRRRR! 

He's back in the coop now with the others and Robin Hood was given a lesson as to who is boss. Dad and Mom, not Robin Hood! We collected 7 eggs. All is good for the moment at Sure Would Run!

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