Friday, March 6, 2015

Meet Shirley Willrun!

Hubby found this awesome machine on Craigslist. The seller accepted our offer, and it's now ours.
I had fun driving it around today! Shirley is going to make yard chores so much easier now. I'm loving her!
3 minutes of instructions and I'm on my own! I baffled hubby! :)

Be back in a few!

Here we go!

Turn or not turn........


Backing up with no mirrors.

Doing good!

All clear!

Going uphill...

Ummm... You'd better move or you're gonna get run over!

Nothing Dear... Just sayin!

Reaching the turn-around.

Bringing her back home.

Neutral - Emergency Brake On - Ignition Off

Cubby for My Oxygen.
That was a fun ride. I'm sure there will be plenty more.
I told hubby I want to paint her purple. That didn't go over well. We agreed on leaves. He didn't say I couldn't paint them purple! hehehehe

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