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Since I'm spending most of my free time collecting and restoring dolls, I thought it only appropriate to devote a page to only dolls. I've captured a few of my little companions on camera to share with you. One thing that I ask you to keep in mind whenever you view my pages is that I relate everything to my husband and me, family and friends. The majority of my dolls are purchased because they remind me of someone who is close to me.

My Dolls on Display

Hubby and I found this beautiful china closet at our local antique shop and the price was such that we couldn't pass it up. It's the perfect cabinet to show my dolls. We placed it in the living/computer room next to my computer station so that I can enjoy them throughout the day. All of these dolls represent family or life long friends. So many wonderful memories!

My Adoptions

I've renamed this little Cabbage Patch doll Willamina after my husband. I found her one day sitting all alone on a shelf in the local junk store and adopted her. She's been sitting in my bookcase next to my Dad's American Flag ever since.

"Billy" and "Joanie" are MY PAL dolls that I adopted from the My Pal site. "Joanie" supports Autism and "Billy" is obviously all military. I didn't know my husband when he was serving in Vietnam. I've always been a supporter and this is a small way for me to honor him and all of those who have served for our country.
In 2010 our eldest grandson was into the "Twilight" series and asked for two dolls for Christmas. This actually started my doll collecting campaign. While searching for his dolls I found these two that remind me of hubby and I in our teen years. They were a "must have" for sure. They've never been taken out of their boxes, but I did add a stuffed puppy that resembles Golden Retrievers that hubby and I owned and loved in years past.
Hubby and I love the Pirates of the Caribbean series so these were another "must have" for my collection. These boxes have never been opened. I will admit to frequently picking them up and looking at them. I love the detail!

I love this series and when I found Katniss I just had to have her. I will admit that I am kicking myself that I didn't pick up Peeta when I had the opportunity. This is another Barbie with incredible detailing.

This is a HEIRLOOM EDITION OF DUCK HOUSE VICTORIAN DOLLS limited 5000 23" tall doll. She's a porcelain doll, very fragile and in storage until I can make a suitable display cabinet for her.

I posted on my home page that this doll reminds me of my cousin Marybeth. Marybeth is 4-5 years older than me and I always envied her growing up. She was a beautiful girl with lovely long hair that my aunt used to put in pipe curls. Marybeth was and still is the sweetest, most beautiful girl I know.
This doll was a steal on E-bay. Her clothing is exquisite. I just wish she wasn't so fragile. 

Here are two of my favorites. Aimee on the left is an 18" Madame Alexander Cissy 2012 doll that I put together at the Madame Alexander Museum in NY City. Her little brother Alphonse is a 13" vinyl doll that I picked up from the Walmart site. He's a cute little doll and makes a wonderful companion for Aimee.
I'm sad to say that I've used up all of my free time for today. Time to do the dishes here, run the vacuum quickly over the floors and start thinking about what to serve for dinner. I hope you've enjoyed this little sharing session. Thanks for stopping by. Share a comment if you wish. Stay safe and enjoy the day!


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