Came into existence in October 2002. It was created to help facilitate a senior citizens on line craft group. My late husband and I spent many hours there and on Senior Cafe chatting with many online friends from across the world. Many of whom I am still in contact with. I've been up and down with the site for the past 4 years. Life has got me going in too many directions. I still own the url and plan on rebuilding the site in the near future. Just trying to figure out how I'm going to interact it with Country Roads by Joanie. My Country Roads theme originated at CtCraftyLady.

For those of you who 
are CT followers.... Here are a few pictures to jog your memory!

SJ Woodsman
SJ moved on to happier places March 13, 2005 ♥


Herman (Bob) & Olive....  They have both passed on to a better place. ♥
Miss our chats Herman!


Kay and Blu

Philly and Mr. Bill

Susu ... Sue is in a happier place also.
Miss our chats girlfriend! ♥

I'm sure those of you who are still chat friends remember our late night chats with Susu and Herman. So much fun we had with them! I miss our chat times, but am thankful that we are still connected on Facebook and here. Love you all!

Time to end this walk down memory lane for now. If you have moments from Senior Cafe/Country Roads that you'd like to share... drop me a line or post a comment below. Would love to hear from you!

                                                  Joanie (CT)

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