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Effortless Bathroom Cleaner

A friend told me about this wonder cleaner and I was skeptical, but I tried it out and now I’m a believer!

Ingredients:  White Vinegar, Dawn dish washing liquid

Recipe:  Mix 1 part vinegar to 1 part Dawn

I have a 40 oz spray bottle so my recipe was 20 oz of each. You can make any amount you want, just remember to keep the portions equal.

Measure 20 oz of Dawn dish washing liquid into a glass measuring cup. Heat in microwave for 2 minutes on high.

Measure 10 oz of White Vinegar and pour into spray bottle. Pour 10 oz of Dawn into the spray bottle, place on cap and gently agitate for 1 minute. Remove cap and add remaining Dawn and 10 oz of White Vinegar. Replace cap and gently agitate again for 1 minute to mix ingredients together.

Now for the miracle! I sprayed my bathroom mirror first, then wiped it off with a clean dry cloth. Paper towel works also. The soap left a bit of a residue but buffed off easily, making a beautiful shine. (I’m going to see if the mirror remains fog-free during my next shower. If so, that’s a plus in my book!)
I then sprayed the sink bowl and faucet area. Not having a sprayer in that area, I ran the tap water and rinsed all off with a wet cloth. I really wanted to test this mixture, so I didn’t scrub the chrome faucets, but let the water from the cloth stream over them. I couldn’t believe the beautiful shine I got, without scrubbing! 

Next the toilet. We have well water and although the water is filtered, it isn’t treated so we build up mineral deposits especially in the toilet. I was scrubbing this daily, but still couldn’t get it the sparkling white it should be without building up a sweat and a lot of scrubbing. I sprayed the toilet down… bowl, tank, seat and cover and let it sit while I did the bath tub.

The bath tub… to do a good job usually takes a good 15 minutes. Mind you we also spray down and rinse the shower area after each shower. I sprayed the walls, tub and glass enclosure (inside and out) with the mixture. Turned on the hot water, took my shower head in hand and sprayed the walls. No waiting time. There was a slight soap ring at the drain end of the tub so I rubbed that gently with a soft rag. Gently rubbed down the glass doors with the same rag… no scrubbing and rinsed with hot water. I can’t believe how beautiful it all came out. I wiped down the outside of the shower door in the same manner I had done the mirror. It sparkles.  Total time:  5 minutes
I love the shine!
Then I went back to the toilet. Got the toilet brush, whisked it around the toilet bowl a couple of times with very little effort. I flushed the toilet, wiped down the bowl area and outer bowl. Got another clean rag and wiped down the tank and the toilet seat and cover. Again, I can’t believe how beautiful it came out. There's still a mineral build-up stain at the very bottom. The toilet was here when hubby bought the house, so it's got a few years on it.
Total time to clean the entire bathroom = 10 minutes

Air dried. The tiles shine after a simple warm water rinse.

This tub is about 50 years old and suffers much damage to the porcelain finish. I think it came out great given the condition it is in.

I can't believe how well the shower track cleaned up with no scrubbing.
Next test area: Kitchen ceramic tile floor.
You can trust that I've purchased my last bottle of bath and tile cleaner. Dawn and white vinegar for me!

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  1. Addendum - Bathroom mirror is fog free after showers. I'm thrilled! No more streaks and much less mirror cleaning!

    This cleaner also does a fantastic job on my black ceramic tile floor. Leaves a nice shine and spills wipe up easily.