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Wednesday ~ August 14, 2019

This quilt should have been finished months ago. It is all sewn together and quilted. I need to finish quilting the outside border and add the binding. It is so big I can't get a full picture of it. I don't have a wall tall enough or wide enough in the house. For now I'll post pictures of the blocks. I've named the quilt My Mind's Eye. Hoping to get back on this when I finish the lighthouse quilt. This is a good quilt to work on in the winter months as it is very warm and I always hand quilt on my lap.

 These blocks are all my own design.


Daisies - My favorite flower!


Autumn - My favorite time of year!

This is a reversible quilt. These are the 9 blocks that are on the back. All of the blocks are 18 inches square.

Our wedding vows.

We have a frog pond.

We love cattails.

A daisy made out of YoYo's. When I was 10, I spent the winter making a YoYo quilt with my Grandmother.

Our fur kids and our wedding pictures.

Nightmare Before Christmas Quilt

I gifted this quilt to our niece on 7/4/19. I spent a total of 517 hours making it. It is my design, machine sewn and hand quilted. It was a fun quilt to design and create. I especially enjoyed the hand quilting as it is theme oriented and a pleasant break from standard patterns. I enjoy a project that allows me total control over design and method.

Stars of Mexico - Through My Eyes

Hopefully this isn't another page for me to start and then let sit. There just aren't enough hours in the day. Right now I'm trying to finish up two quilts. My Van Gogh sunflowers needs to be sandwiched and machine sewn. I'm in the process of working on the back of my Dresden Blade quilt. The main body has been hand quilted, Next step is to add the borders.

One of my own designs. A fabric picture of my happy place.
Blue Swallow Lap Quilt with Hand Warming Pocket

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