Lighthouse Quilt

Wednesday ~ August 14, 2019

I spent the last two days stitching in more water and spray around the rocks. It doesn't look like much for 12 hours of work, but there are a lot of stitches there. One of these days I'll remember to count my stitches!

Monday ~ August 12, 2019

UPDATE! Phone is charged and I was able to get a better picture of the center panel..

Center panel. 22" x 44"
There are still a lot of water effects to be added along with enhancements in other areas. This is a picture of the original fabric panel to which I have added appliques and stitching of my design to.

Timeless Treasures Fabrics Sunset Sail Multi Sunset on Water Panel

This is an electronic creation of what I expect the finished quilt to look like. The bottom panel is one I saw on line and am using the idea for this quit. I will probably make a change or two.

Finished quilt size is roughly 60" x 80"

It's been a while since I've posted. Much progress has been made. I'll try to catch you up with photos. The rocks have been added and I am currently adding the water effects. I'll post an updated picture tomorrow. My cell phone is charging.

Saturday ~ June 22, 2019

I'm in the process of collecting the materials for an applique quilt which I will be starting in a couple of weeks. Fabrics are purchased and have to be washed and pressed before they can be used.

I'll be posting pictures of each stage with explanations as the quilt progresses. Feel free to post comments or ask questions.

Step 1. Purchasing the fabric. Hubby helped me choose the right tones.

Saturday ~ June 22, 2019

Block panel and fabric ordered.

These will be separated and 18 blocks will be placed around the center lighthouse panel.

Sunday ~ June 23, 2019

I discovered an online fabric store and found these two prints that I just have to try out. Can't wait to get them and start creating! Do you think the sunset panel is too bright? It will be toned down with the appliques.

22" x 44" sunset panel

Timeless Treasures Fabrics Sunset Sail Multi Sunset on Water Panel

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